Traditional Funeral Arrangements

We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week to provide prompt, compassionate and competent service. Contacting our funeral home is the first step in the process of arranging a funeral service.

We will provide answers to questions that you may have immediately and schedule a time, convenient for you, to complete the funeral arrangements. Thomas E. Burger Funeral Home, Inc., is able to provide the following services including:

  •     Transfer of the deceased from place of death to our funeral home.
  •     Arrangement conference to determine specific desires for the funeral service.
  •     Complete preparation of the deceased, including embalming, cosmetology, dressing and casketing.
  •     A wide range of caskets, burial vaults and clothing.
  •     An exquisite selection of prayer cards, acknowledgement cards, memorial folders and programs.
  •     Coordination of service plans with clergy, newspaper, cemetery and fraternal organizations.
  •     Complete use of our spacious funeral home.
  •     Use of our vehicles necessary to provide services chosen.
  •     Payment options.
  •     Assistance and attention to detail in cases where death occurs away from home.
  •     Assistance in ordering fitting floral tributes.
  •     Personalization is a major emphasis with the families that we serve.