The Thomas E. Burger Funeral Home annually invites the widows of the previous year to attend a luncheon to honor the memory of their beloved Valentine. 

This is held as close to the actual February 14th date as possible. 

The widows are treated to an entire luncheon and are given a commemorative item in memory of their loved one.

This year, Friday, February 14, 2020 was our 27th gathering. 

Thank you to this wonderful group of ladies for joining to share memories and stories of the journeys their lives have taken.


"Not only did Doug and staff make one of the most difficult times in my life easier, my husband's funeral, they continue to make the year following it better. I received remembrance thoughts and prayers just when I needed them most.
Today is Valentine’s Day. They invited all of us who lost our husbands to a luncheon at Fosters, flowers and a keepsake gift. I met so many wonderful women today! Instead of being sad and feeling alone, I had a really nice Valentine’s Day! Thank you again"